Einstein’s Daughter and the Da Vinci Code

So the story goes as Se Choi,
one of our distinguished network engineers among the bunch of very smart guys I work
with, and some other friends were sitting together at a 'Thank You' lunch
from our director couple of weeks ago. The discussion went from Tom Hanks to cryptograms and then
to Einstein and Anna McGrail’s daughter Lieserl. Se suddenly proposed an idea for a new
movie which should better be described in his own words (almost).

“So, the movie would be like, Einstein actually found a more
sophisticated and better explanation for the theory of relativity but for some
reason, his life was in jeopardy if he releases this new set of equations immediately.
Therefore, he encrypted the equations, hid them in his daughter’s diapers and
put her up for adoption. Hence the quest of our modern day hero to first search
for Lieserl, her adoptee parents and then search for the diapers for the special
theory of relativity.”

As bizarre as it sounds, Se might have the idea of the next
summer blockbuster for Hollywood,

The Einstein’s Code!
The Quest for Lieserl & Equations in the Lost Diapers.

Rest is left for your imagination. Was that the ultimate
theory of unification? Or a proof that c is not a universal constant? Summer 2008 in theatres near you.

Daughter: The Search for Lieserl