Dymaxion map and the word "America"

Some bits of trivia i found during my regular wikipedia surfing.

Origin of Word 'America'

Cosmographiae Introductio, explains that the name was derived from the Latinized version of the explorer Amerigo Vespucci's name, Americus Vespucius, in its feminine form, America (as the other continents all have Latin feminine names). The Italian name Amerigo is a form of the Germanic name Haimirich, meaning "ruler of the home", from the German words haim "home" and rich "powerful"). Christopher Columbus, who had first brought the continent's existence to the attention of Renaissance era voyagers, had died in 1506 and could not protest Waldseemüller's decision.

And the concept of unification of continent at one time could be best depicted in Dymaxion map.

Dymaxion map by Buckminster Fuller shows land mass with minimal distortion as only one continuous continent

  Unfolded Dymaxion map with nearly-contiguous land masses.

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