IT Poetry Competition @ NEC


We had an interesting IT poetry competition today…following is the output in chronological order; rights are reserved for the respective self proclaimed poets J


It all started when Dean, Director of IT Infrastructure said


Sit right back and I'll tell the tale

The tale of a bags of bagels

That started from our favorite store

And are now on the usual tables


And Joanne, our senior developer wrote back


There once was a programmer named Joanne

Who wrote a program to generate poetry

The poems were lame

The words did not rhyme

And so she had to retry


While Nick, Director IT-Development couldn't resist 


Dean is so very mean.

He’s started this crazy thread.

Now a competition has started,

I open new emails with dread,

And read verse that makes me scream!


And then Jeremy the architect shared the happiness



The morning started with dread

Bagels were brought with glee

The office was no longer dead

And now were all happy


Concluded by Greg the super developer with the code…


When speaking in rhythm and rhyme

The mental effect is sublime

My life would be sweeter

If my verbal meter

Could be Iambic all the time


But alas I am paid to write code

I can’t sit here writing my ode

But soon I’ll repose

And finish my prose

When I’m back in my humble abode


Could it be that my two lives could blend?

If (Nick not isLooking) then End


dim wits as double = trouble


While (paycheck.needing)