BlackBerry - my CrackBerry

Nick calls it a digital leash but I love my new tech-toy; BlackBerry is a developer's dream come true. I can get app errors, process status and a whole lot of status when not around my machine. Also, I can surf slashdot while waiting in a queue at Fry's  or KrispyKreme (they won't give you a donut with drive-thru orders so don't try, well I did and it didn't work). While getting used to its QWERTY, I'm discovering that IP2Location shows that Research In Motion (RIM) OS assigns the IP for the device from Canada. Also, I got Litefeeds from David's handy suggestion BlackBerry forums, one stop place for BB. Reminds me of Scot Mitchell what he told us in SOCAL.NET summit about error emails being RSS'ed and him fixing the problem even before customer gets notified; now this is SDLC in action. Thanks Paul..thanks I can be more proactive!