Nobel Prize in chemistry for olefin metathesis - Caltech

Caltech's research output is amazing! Several blocks down from our residence, this comparatively very small university (900 undergrad, 1200 grad) has hosted best research scholars in nation and home of finest inventions planet has seen. The list of its Alumni and visiting faculty includes Albert Einstein and Charles Francis Richter, the creator of Richter scale. Sticking to Chemistry, it’s the home of

  • Egyptian Chemist Ahmed H. Zewail, Nobel laureate in chemistry (1999)
  • Rudolph A. Marcus 1992 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and William Lipscomb, PhD 1946 - Nobel laureate in chemistry (1976)
  • Edwin Mattison McMillan, BS 1928, MS 1929 - Nobel laureate in chemistry(1951)
  • Linus Pauling, PhD 1925 - Nobel laureate in chemistry (1954) and peace (1962)
  • Robert H. Grubbs - Nobel laureate in chemistry (2005)

Professor Grubbs of Caltech received the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, with Richard R. Schrock of MIT and Yves Chauvin, for his work in the field of olefin metathesis.

Caltech rocks!

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