Here at Next Estate, we have very talented folks; Likes of Rob Walling, Calvin Park et al. However, technology is not their only talent.  Following is the series of limericks came into being when some bagels were brought...classical pieces of IT-Poetry.  

Since the move we are not able
We thought we would set the table

There are bagels galore

Cream cheese and much more

And for Joon's 1 year we are now stable

Since we are doing limericks this time

They say that each should be five lines

From all we expect

Each to do their best

And everybody to add a new line

-Dean Nedelman

These bagels are so fine
And just in the Nick of time
Though I fought my poor will
I’ve taken my fill
Working here I can not whine.
-Nick DeNicholas

Dr. Atkins said carbs take their toll
So I need to exercise self control
I’d sure like to try it
But, on that crazy diet
Can I eat half or just eat the hole?
-Greg Cannon

There was a young man named Nick,

Who thought his colleagues looked rather sick;

One day on a hunch,

He brought bagels for lunch,

He sure knows what makes programmers tick!
-Mark Goldin

Thanks for going out of your way
To create a great start of day
For it’s acts like this
That make others wish
They were a part of a team like this!

© 2005 Gus Lira. All rights reserved. Patent Pending

My eyes have grown quite weary.
My heart, a little heavy.
For each week, without fail
Arrives an email
With another *#?+#* poem.
Peter Kerr
Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

When work becomes a dull routine,
You surprise us with treats and cuisine
For your great attitude,
Please accept our gratitude;
From DEV: Thank you, Nick. Thank you, Dean.
-Greg Cannon

I bring a yogurt to work each day to avoid starvation
But today I arrive and see “bagels in the usual location”
With all this food I begin to think
I guess I’m going to need some drink
Another water bottle joins the earthquake rations

-Joanne Siegel


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