WinFX, Base Class Libraries in 2.0 and SGV.NET UG Launch

I've been busy for last couple of days in tweaking the San Gabriel Valley .NET Developers group website. With Rob's initiative, we along with some like minded professionals have started this group to facilitate the needs of the area's developers. SGV.NET's first meeting is on 1/24 and we are already listed on SoCal.NET website. MCP Flash and upcoming user events will be able to assist the publicity needs; and of course we have free dinner to top it off!

Also, you no more need to use VS.NET 2005 beta anymore to work with WinFX. There is an updated build available.

For MLB's blog November WinFX CTP - work with VS 2005!

"This build works with VS 2005, the steps to build a machine:

I know at least two people who will highly benefit from this CTP Build.

Couple of MSDN TV shows I recently saw (and liked).

Also, last but not least, I was working through ACM library to write summary of an Expert Systems development paper when I came across this; made me wonder as usual why academia is so far from real world. Theory is good; and I'm a firm believer of "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." but we live in a world of brick and mortar and there need to be some concrete explanation and modelling of the theory. Probably the paper is in explanation in itself why Expert Systems don't match the expectations.

So I'm going back to work on my assignment and projects now which are due on 7th and 9th Dec. Apparently academics seem to have a problem with .NET framework and therefore I've to use J2SE/Eclipse to create a Bayesian inference framework for my AI project. eeew.