We Prefer MSN – (Microsoft Anti-spyware beta 1 bug)

Microsoft Anti Spyware beta is a cool product; however, as usual I found something to complain about. This is about a key-value change issue I encountered last night. To reproduce, do the following steps.

Tools ->Advanced tools ->SystemExplorers->IESettings

Select the start page and click on “Change URL/Page”

Type a new URL and press OK


After this, it will even tell you that the URL is changed.


But it actually is not! Not even in the display window. I wonder how well MadDog is doing. (Videos about Test Case Management System used at Microsoft (Maddog)

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) Home

PS. Just realized that I can't do Ctrl-K for adding a hyperlink in FreeText box in Firefox. oh bummer!