Hamachi Rocks!

One of Neal Hardesty's Friend (NHF) gave a raving review about Hamachi when we were attending San Diego .NET developers group summit so I decided to try it out. NHF (sorry, I can't seem to remember your name, so you are NHF from now on) is using it for gaming but I found Hamachi to perform pretty well as VPN/TS/RDP mediator. If you have tried setting up terminal services and had firewall blues, give Hamachi a spin. It's probably the best firewall defiance money can buy (No, Hamachi is free...that was just an expression).

From their website

With Hamachi you can organize two or more computers with
an Internet connection into their own virtual network for
direct secure communication.

Hamachi is fast, secure and simple.
It is also free.

  • Think - LAN over the Internet.
  • Think - Zero-configuration VPN.
  • Think - Secure peer-to-peer.

Access computers remotely. Use Windows
File Sharing. Play LAN games. Run private Web or FTP servers.
Communicate directly. Stay connected.

woo hoo. But if it turns out to be having an evil genius trying to sniff all your traffic or automated malware update, you only have yourself to blame.