My issues with IE December 2005 Security Update

I usually try to mimic the ideology of "If you’re not living on the
edge, you’re taking up too much space" while our architects are mostly
like "If there is no SP1 yet, no way it's going to production"
so you can see the difference of opinion here.

Recently in order to follow the cutting edge philosophy, I used Windows
update to download the December 2005
security updates
 and started having all kinds of issues. The
fixes were for

  • File Download Dialog Box
    Manipulation Vulnerability - CAN-2005-2829
  • HTTPS Proxy Vulnerability - CAN-2005-2830
  • COM Object Instantiation
    Memory Corruption Vulnerability - CAN-2005-2831
  • Mismatched Document Object
    Model Objects Memory Corruption Vulnerability - CAN-2005-1790

But it ended up causing

  • Frequent IE hang ups
  • A zillion IE windows will
    open up and won't go away unless you close them via task manager.
  • Default browser change to
    firefox will cause IE to redirect all requests to open FF.

And as defined on google

  • Opening an Internet shortcut
    from Windows Explorer opens a blank IE window, which then hangs
  • typing a URL in the
    "Start -> Run" dialog box opens a blank IE window, which then
  • Clicking the "More
    Information" link in the Windows Error Reporting dialog opens a blank
    IE window, which then hangs.
  • Typing a URL in the IE
    address bar opens that URL in a new window.
  • Opening an Internet shortcut
    from within IE either opens the link in a new window, or causes IE to
  • Right-clicking on a link and
    choosing "Open in new window" results in two new windows, one
    with the link and one blank.

As well as in Microsoft IE

  • Opening link from Outlook
    give blank page with popup-error and second page with correct info.
  • Typing URL in address bar
    opens at least one new, blank page (sometimes more) with popup-error and
    another new page which loads the URL requested.

So, what fixed it? In my case a registry key change since I was running IE 7
beta 1 side by side

All of the problems I was seeing were due to a registry key created by running
IE7 Beta 1 in side-by-side mode. Deleting the registry key has resolved all of
the issues.

December Security Update – addressing scattered reports of odd browser behavior

So did I learn the lesson? nah.... Life is good at the edge.