Now after cloning everything with an n-* prefix, we're traversing down in the object hierarchy.

POCO is an acronym for Plain Old CLR Object. It is a play of
the term POJO from the Java programming world
used by developers targeting the .NET Framework. Similar to Java, the term
is used to contrast an object with one that is designed to be used with a
complicated, special object frameworks such as an ORM component. In .Net terms, the word is most often
used in the programmatic sense to differentiate a non Serviced Component (see MTS) from a "standard object"
though it can also used in a tongue in cheek manner referencing the
perceived complexity of Java based programming frameworks (see EJB).

POJO is an acronym for Plain Old Java Object. The name is used to
emphasize that the object in question is not somehow special but an ordinary
Java Object, in particular not an EJB (before EJB 3, that is).

or like Neal (not the cowboyneal) would say "EJB's are just darn bloated beasts!"