Which AJAX Framework is better?

This is an interesting and quite detailed comparison of different AJAX frameworks by the author of ComfortASP.NET. The comparison is done on the basis of general attributes (pricing, licensing), integration with apps, ASP.NET compatibility, network traffic (byte transfer), AJAX post backs and additional features. Daniel Zeiss has classified this comparative study in two main parts; Comparison of frameworks that support “full Indirect AJAX Programming” and “emitted indirect AJAX programming”.

The entire comparison source is available. This Hello World example is kinda cool.

The frameworks compared include

  • ComfortASP.NET V0.47 (beta)
  • MagicAJAX.NET V0.3.0
  • ZumiPage V2.10
  • ATLAS CTP January 2005
  • OutPost V1.2
  • FastPage V1.1.0
  • ComponentArt V3.0 Callback Control
  • Telerik r.a.d.callback 1.5.2
  • Dart PowerWeb V1.4.1 LiveWrapper
  • Anthem V1.0.0
  • Syncfusion Studio / Essential Tools / CallbackPanel

Via Hammad