Si, Se Puede!

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Dr. Homayoun Seraji, father of a friend and work
colleague Reza Seraji, has set such
high standards in research and development that it seems almost legendary, like
he never sleeps.  I have had to honor of
meeting him and found him a down to earth, humble and courteous person. He
holds Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems Major) from the
University of Cambridge, England and has been published in 93 peer-reviewed
journal papers, 112 refereed conference publications, 5 contributed chapters,
and has led to 10 patents. Dr. Seraji is a Fellow of IEEE and was recognized as
the most-published author in the 20-year history of the Journal of Robotic

That’s a wow! Inspiration comes standard!

Dr. Seraji works as a Senior Research Scientist at JPL.