Da Vinci Code Tour

I did get a chance to read The Da Vinci Code, in early 2004, long before the hype built up. Since I've also read Dan Brown's lesser known books Angels & Demons, Digital Fortress and Deception Point and knowing his writing style in prospect, I don't think movie did much of justice. It might have had some interesting artifact displays and flashbacks but yet the movie failed to deliver what made Da Vinci Code a definite page turner. I still hold that Angels and Demons is a much more interesting and well woven than Da Vinci Code but again, whatever invokes the most controversy gets to be the best seller.

During my European backpacking tour in 2003 (France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium), I took some pictures around the Louvre Museum which is shown and much discussed in the book and the movie. Especially the symmetrical pyramids. Not knowing one day they will be part of a best selling book and movie.


also, compare the cover of ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook with the picture below. Do you notice some similarity?
ASP.NET Developers Cookbook -0672325241.jpg