Clever Quotes

It's like an outlook with an MBA.
-From Linkedin website about LinkedIn Toolbar

So, LinkedIn is like myspace for Dilbert crowd, huh?
-Jeremy Myers

Yes, the Ping method in this API will be a two way Ping; Ping Request and then Ping Commit.
-David Gullett

I hit over 500m with my driver today, threw ball on the other side of the fence. Oh wait, ball might have actually come to our parking lot, did you see it?
-Jeff Bergman bragging his golf skills

Well, if Adnan is not going, I'll be the only one who doesn't know how to play golf!

-Joon-Shim Chua

There is one issues [sic] remaining.
-Antony Chhan

Poison cupcakes – mmmm 🙂
-Joanne Siegel

OMG  surprise its jelly filled!
-David Phan

Thank you for the cupcakes!  The one I had was very delicious (but don't tell my doctor.)
-Sharen Goodman