I’ve received the following email via David Riggs, the
editor of pro about my recent article Naive
Bayesian Classification Using C# and ASP.NET
. This is from a careful reader
who spotted a typo in the article.

The same typo was spotted by Dr.
Homayoun Seraji
as well.

Thank you both.

Dear ASP.Net Pro editors,

I believe there may be a small typo in one of your formulas in your September
2006 article Naïve Bayesian Classification Using C# and ASP.NET.  If you look at the bottom of the left column
on page eight, you'll see the formula:

       P(A|X) = (0.3) (0.5) / 0.037 = 0.405405... ~40.5%

The 0.3 should be 0.03 and the formula should read:

       P(A|X) = (0.03) (0.5) / 0.037 = 0.405405... ~40.5%

Normally I'm not such a typo-Nazi - great article, by the way.  I may have
to start subscribing if you're going to do more math and
statistically/probability-related articles.

Greg Pyatt
Information Systems Program Analyst
The Boeing Company