Windows Vista on Virtual Server 2005

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 is an excellent piece of virtualization software. After successfully deploying Ubuntu, Knoppix, different flavours of windows, I finally tried Windows Vista on Virtual Server last week and it worked like a charm.

With Virtual Server browser activeX, you can have your windows Vista running in a browser, that's crazy talk!


3 thoughts on “Windows Vista on Virtual Server 2005

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  2. I previously wrote about problems I encountered installing and configuring Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 in Windows Home Premium. Apparently, home premium didn’t actually allow the installation so I had to switch over to Windows Vista Enterprise Edition (version description found here) which installed successfully.

  3. Make sure that Internet Information Services 7.0 is properly configured and that all the required modules (e.g. CGI handler) are in fact loaded and configured. A simple way of doing that is from the command prompt using a rather long command:

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