MSF-Agile Best Practices via Context Driven School

Joe White's Blog states Randy Miller's MSF for agile salient points some of which are inspired from context driven school. Interesting ideas and quite true in their regards

  1. The value of any practice
    depends on its context.

  2. There are good practices
    in context, but there are no best practices.

  3. People, working together,
    are the most important part of any project's context.

  4. Projects unfold over time
    in ways that are often not predictable.

  5. The product is a solution.
    If the problem isn't solved, the product doesn't work.

  6. Good software testing is
    a challenging intellectual process.

  7. Only through judgment and
    skill, exercised cooperatively throughout the entire project, are we able
    to do the right things at the right times to effectively test our products.

Reference: Seven Basic Principles of Context Driven School