The Graduate!

Assiduus usus uni rei deditus et ingenium et artem saepe vincit.
Constant practice devoted to one subject often outdoes both intelligence and skill.

So after grueling 18 months, I've just graduated with degree of Masters in Computer Science from Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences, Nova Southestern University.

I've taken the following courses taught by these fine individuals; have learned a lot and can't thank them enough for their time and dedication.

CISC 0670 - Artificial Intelligence - Dr. James Cannady
CISC 0680 - Software Engineering - Frank Mitropoulos, Ph.D.
CISC 0647 - Advanced Computer Architecture- Dr. Jerry A. Smith
CISC 0685 - Human-Computer Interaction - Dr. Maxine S. Cohen
CISC 0630 - Compiler Design Theory- Dr. Amon Seagull
CISC 0660 - Database Management Systems Dr. Junping Sun - Compiler Design Theory
CISC 0615 - Design & Anal. of Algorithm - Dr. Jerry Smith -
CISC 0620 - Modeling And Simulation - Dr. Jeffrey D Kane
CISC 0640 - Operating Systems - Dr. Greg Simco
CISC 0681 - Computer Graphics - Dr. Michael Laszlo
CISC 0650 - Computer Networks - Dr. Wei Li
CISC 0610 - Programming Languages - Frank J. Mitropoulos, Ph.D.

Now I'm applying for doctoral studies in Dept. of Computer Science from University of Idaho as well as GSCIS Nova. I'll be starting PhD in Jan 2008 إن شاء الله

Many thanks for my family and friends for their support during this time. Thanks for my wife for the surpirse party, my parents for the call and my in-laws and Ken Nign for the gift card to the lovely place that is Borders where you can read books and drink coffee, my two favourite things to do.

And here is Zakariya with his glasses 🙂