Best Java IDE for .NET Developers

This blog title is surely oxymoron-ish but hold your opinions before you read it completely!

If you are a .NET developer and have

1. Tried building Java Apps for interop/proof of concept/fun/prototyping and the weird class paths have repeatedly failed you.
2. Tried eclipse and netbeans and were scared of their bloat/complexity/usability!
3. Given up on the professor who would not buy into .NET and force you to do all the coursework in Java...

IntelliJ Idea is for you. No, the manufacturer didn't pay me anything to write this but you have to try it to believe. Its by the same company which brought us re-sharper.

The usability of the IDE is excellent and for some reason it seems to be geared towards Visual Studio users since the short cuts etc are similar. Smaller footprint (compared to other monstrosities) and easy to use.

and yes, I'll always be wondering where did tek-tools Kawa go?