Machine Learning Summer School

Now this is my idea for summer fun! Too bad its far far away from sunny California else I'd be right there.

Machine Learning Summer School

August 20-31, 2007, Max Planck Campus, Tübingen, Germany

Machine Learning is a foundational discipline of the Information Sciences. It combines theory from areas as diverse as Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering, and Information Technology with many practical and relevant real life applications. The aim of the summer school is to cover the entire spectrum from theory to practice. It is mainly targeted at research students, academics, and IT professionals from all over the world.

The program will feature introductory courses at the beginning to provide basic working knowledge of Machine Learning. Building on this  introductory material, advanced topics will be covered progressively over the duration of the school. Subjects will be covered both in lectures (4-6 per topic) and in practical courses (where students will have the chance to implement methods for themselves); and are taught by world experts in their fields.

This school is suited to PhD and Masters students, as well as advanced undergraduates. Material is directed both at participants without previous knowledge in Machine Learning, and at those wishing to broaden their expertise in this area. The MLSS also provides an excellent opportunity for interaction with top researchers in a broad cross-section of machine learning disciplines.

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