Happy Birthday! SGV.NET User’s Group is Two Years old Now

Few days ago I’ve received INETA’s certificate for San Gabriel Valley .NET Developers Group on completing its two year’s.

This is a great honor for us and I’d like to thank everyone who has helped us through this journey. It seems like yesterday when Rob Walling and I started discussing about having a user group for San Gabriel Valley developers community in mid 2005 and with the help of Bernard Wong and other fellow community members, our first meeting took place in January 2006. It has been a wonderful ride since then. I’d like to thank our user group committee members and attendees for their help and support during these two years and hopefully we will be able to provide this service to the community for a longer period of time. Special thanks go to our committee members and patrons including but not limited to Antony Chhan, Neal Hardesty, Richard Trinh, Vipul Shah, Ben Pirih, C.J Wang, James Lin, Greg Cannon and David Wells.

January 2008’s meeting with Reza Madani on SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence was our 23rd meeting and we have a great line up for 2008 including Mark Miller from INETA, Gerald Walsh, Lynn Langitt, and Woody Pewitt to name a few.

Thank you all and have a wonderful 2008!

Adnan Masood

President & Co-Founder
San Gabriel Valley .NET Developers Group.


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