Notes from Data Science with Azure Talk @ TAP


I recently spoke at the Tampa Analytics Group, a Microsoft recognized Data Science group ran by Joe Blankenshi­p on the topic of Data Science with Azure. The talk focused on Azure offerings, with a demo on how to write a map-redcuce job in Azure using C#. Following are the slides.


TAP Standard Meeting

Monday, Apr 11, 2016, 5:30 PM

4301 W Boy Scout Blvd #590 Tampa, FL

15 Data Scientists Went

Tampa Analytics Professionals!The intent of this meeting is to bring together people in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas involved or interested in data science or related professions.This week we have Dr. Adnan Masood talking to us about:Hadoop in the Azure Cloud - A Hands On GuideTEKSystems has graciously provided the space as well as food ...

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Notes from Azure Global Bootcamp


Last Saturday I attended Global Azure Bootcamp which was held in Microsoft Tampa office, hosted by Blain Barton of Microsoft. With presentations from Dan Patrick of Opsigility, Alex Melching and Blain himself, Azure bootcamp was a great primer/refresher to the Azure offerings. I especially enjoyed the Post-Build-conference offerings, announcements and demos pertaining to the new Azure-AWS parity. Great stuff!

Here are Some Random Notes/Links from the Talk!

  • Azure Quickstart Templates (must see!)
  • What is Azure Resource Manager
  • Microsoft OMS -
  • Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Overview -
  • VorlonJS – A Journey to DevOps: Infrastructure as Code with Microsoft Azure and Resource Manager
  • Azure Readiness -
  • AWS Direct Connect -
  • Secure Cloud Interconnect -
  • Peak 10
  • Cloud Providers -
  • Creating and deploying Azure resource groups through Visual Studio -
  •  Docker Swarm -
  •  ExpressRoute: Connecting Private and Public Clouds through -

Azure Labs @ Microsoft Tampa

As part of Microsoft Azure Marketplace Labs initiative, Dan Patrick of Opsgility gave a presentation on setting up Chef with Azure at Tampa Azure UG last night.


Links from the talk and other labs:

ETL in Hortonworks Sandbox on Azure.

Hortonworks Sandbox virtual machine from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and an Azure SQL Database sample. Extract data from the Azure SQL Database into a Hive table and query the data from Hive.


Hortonworks Data Platform by Hortonworks

CHEF - Deployment of Chef on Microsoft Azure



Happy Coding!



Notes from Tampa //rebuild/ Event

Tampa //rebuild/ Event via Microsoft Mondays

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015, 6:30 PM

Microsoft Office
5426 Bay Center Dr tampa, FL

29 App Developers Went

Tampa //rebuild/ Event via Microsoft Mondays Catch up on some of what you missed at the Microsoft //build/ Conference! Join Randy Patterson with Catapult Systems, Donald Bickel with Mercury New Media and others as we take a deep dive into topics covered at the conference.Agenda• Welcome and Introduction• Microsoft Edge has redefined itself! Lea...

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Tampa //rebuild/ Event at Microsoft office comprised of 3 lightening talks on Microsoft Edge Browser, ASP.NET 5, and IoT with Raspberry Pi and Windows 10. Some pictures and links from the talk follows.

MS Edge / UI/UX Talk 

  • David Walsh's Blog
  • Code Pen -
  • Can I use -
  • wufoo -
  • flight arcade -
  • HTML5 hub -
  • JetStream Benchmark Suite -
  • Octane benchmark suite -
  • Octopus Deployment -
  • Modern IE -
  • Windows IoT
  • Test Drive sites and demos
  • Download virtual machines


No service for type 'Microsoft.Framework.Runtime.ILibraryManager' has been registered


IoT Talk (great session by Randy Patterson)

  • Getting Started -
  • Microsoft is holding a contest! Join Windows 10 IoT Core - Home Automation Contest on
  • Become a part of our early adopter community
  • Randy Patterson Github repo
  • and if you like to troll Randy Patterson 🙂!

And last but not least, an honorable mention to team duct tape who is fundraising for their upcoming robotics / tech challenge. All the best guys & gals.

Happy Coding!

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Demystification of Demystifying Machine Learning using nuML w/ Seth Juarez

Going for a little Benoit B. Mandelbrot recursion joke here with the title.

Seth Juarez (github) recently spoke to Pasadena .NET user group on the topic of Practical Machine Learning using nuML. Seth is a wonderful speaker, educator and nuML is an excellent library to get started with machine learning in .NET. His explanations are very intuitive; even for people who have been working in the field for a while. During the talk and follow up discussions, there were various technical references made which went beyond the scope of talk. To be fair with Seth, he covered lot of material in an hour and a half; probably couple of weeks worth in a traditional ML course.

Therefore I decided to provide links to these underlying topics for the benefit of attendees in case anyone is interested in knowing more about them.

Happy Machine Learning!


Web/Services Security Talk @ San Diego.NET User Group

Andrew Karcher, SQL Server MVP invited me to speak to San Diego .NET user group this Tuesday. The topic of my talk was Secure Code Top 10 (OWASP) for Service Oriented Architectures and the presentation slides can be downloaded from here. Links from the talk follow.

Web Service Security Cheat Sheet

OWASP web Goat.NET

WCF Security Fundamentals

WebGoat.NET Github (Web Forms)

WebGoat.NET Github (MVC)



C is for cookie, H is for hacker – understanding HTTP only and Secure cookies

Advance SQL Injection - Havij

OWASP Top 10 for .NET

Samy Worm

HTML encoding in ASP.NET / MVC

HTMLEncodig in Razor

How Hackers Stole 200,000+ Citi Accounts Just By Changing Numbers In The URL

6.5 Million Encrypted LinkedIn Passwords Leaked Online,news-15464.html



Rainbow Tables

Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks

Happy Coding!



Tonight @ Pasadena .NET UG - Programming in the Age of Context w/ Jon Flanders

Abstract: Robert Scoble (Tech Savvy Social Butterfly) is calling the next age of computing the “Age of Context”. Mobile devices, wearables, and other sensors are starting to become commonplace everywhere we look.

In this talk I will show you how – for under $50 – you can get involved and start experimenting with hardware that can help you to prototype interesting solutions and ideas in this new era. Included will be both Arduino, as well as the Raspberry Pi.

About the Presenter: Jon is a member of the technical staff at MCW, where he focuses on connected systems technologies. He is also a regular speaker and trainer for Pluralsight. Jon is most at home spelunking, trying to figure out how things work from the inside out. He is the author of RESTful.NET from O’Reilly, as well as Essential ASP for Addison-Wesley, and was a co-author of Mastering Visual Studio.NET for O’Reilly. Jon’s current major interest is helping people to understand the advantages of REST, but he sees a bright future for modeling as a way to build complex systems.

Meeting Agenda
* 6:00p Mixer/Networking/Pizza
* 6:30p Presentation Starts
* 8:00p Raffle


Green Dot Corporation - 3465 E. Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA (edit map)



Quantum Computing & Entanglement with Dr. John Preskill @ Caltech

Last night I had the privilege to listen to Dr. John Preskill in Beckman Auditorium here at Caltech with fellow Quantum aficianado David Lazar. John Preskill is the Richard P. Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech. This was definitely one of the most accessible lecture on this topic of general audience which was very well received. Dr. Preskill is definitely a teacher and a communicator; as Feynman chair, he effectively summarized 50+ years of Quantum research and development into a one hour lecture. Quantum frontiers has some of the recorded lectures which readers may find interesting.


Dr. Preskill is also involved with IQIM, Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, at Caltech. Here is an IQIM Promotional video which was shown towards the end of the session.

The lecture addressed the opportunities and challenges in quantum computing, entanglements, speculation  about future trends, quantum error correction and quantum information science.






Caltech - John Preskill: Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Computing

John Preskill: Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Computing

Couple of his detailed lectures can be seen below.


LA Machine Learning event on Mining Time Series Data w/ Sylvia Halasz

Last night's LA Machine Learning event on Mining Time Series Data w/ Sylvia Halasz of YP at OpenX Pasadena was quite interesting and well attended. Dr. Halasz spoke about Adaptive Ensemble Kalman Filter and her work on building n-gram correlation with the flu outbreaks. Some of the associated papers follow.




Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum Event – Big Data, Big Opportunities: Slides & Pictures

Recently attended Big Data Event @ Caltech. The topic was Big Data, Big Opportunities: Predicting the Future One Byte at a Time and the panel and speakers didn't disappoint. Following is the slidedeck and pictures from the event.

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