Microsoft Machine Learning and Data Science Summit

Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit

Microsoft Machine Learning & Data Science Summit is taking place in conjunction with Microsoft Ignite at Georgia World Congress Center on September 26 – 27, 2016 in Atlanta where thought leaders and Microsoft engineers will discuss the latest Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Open Source techniques and technologies.

I am exited to attend the summit due to various reasons. Beside listening to Dr. Edward Tufte, and Dr. Joseph Sirosh keynotes, there are various high quality sessions announced at the conference such as Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning, Build Real-World Analytics Solutions Combining Machine Learning with Human Intelligence, CNTK: Microsoft’s Open Source Deep Learning Toolkit, and Cognitive Services: Making AI Easy.

Data Science is of course heavily emphasized with tutorials like Data Science for Absolutely Everybody, Deep Learning in Microsoft R Server, Data Science Super Power? Tips and Tricks to Successful Data Science, and Building a Scalable Data Science Platform with R on HDInsight.

Hands on labs are a critical part of learning, and therefore various sessions are allocated to it. I am looking forward to the Instructor-Led Lab on The Cortana Intelligence Suite, and Microsoft R Server, and Python on Microsoft Notebooks.

Azure Data Lake facilitates Batch, real-time, and interactive analytics and there are vaious sessions focused on these capabilities including but not limited to Big Data Engineering, Big, Fast, and Data-Furious…with Spark, Go Big (with Data Lake Architecture) or Go Home!, Killer Scenarios with Data Lake in Azure, Optimizing Apache Hive Performance in HDInsight, R and Spark as Yin and Yang of Scalable Machine Learning in Azure HDInsight, and 'Spilling' Your Data into Azure Data Lake: Patterns & How-Tos and Taming the Data Science Monster with New ‘Sword’ – U-SQL.



Last but not least, there is also the Real World Solutions track where we will learn about case studies such as Bots as the Next UX: Expanding Your Apps with Conversation, Data Science Doesn’t Just Happen, It Takes a Process. Learn about Ours, Patterns and Practices for Data Integration at Scale, See, Hear, Move: Changing Lives with Data Science, Streaming in the Cloud: We’ve Got It All Covered and IoT Unlock Real-Time Predictive Insights from the Internet of Things.

Now all I need is to master my quantum superposition to attend all of these sessions at once!

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