Startups For the Rest of Us - A Podcast by Rob Walling

I wanted to pass along a bit of info about Rob Walling, the co-founder of San Gabriel Valley .NET Developers group newest project. a podcast!.

The podcast is called Startups for the Rest of Us. Rob'sco-host is Mike Taber, the guy behind

The focus of the podcast is bootstrapped startups and Micropreneurs. A new episode every Tuesday. The first episode is live at the podcast website and you can listen to it in your browser or download the MP3. It also provide full written transcripts of each episode in the show notes. Episodes will be concise and run 20-30 minutes so you can listen during a jog, a short commute or part of a lunch hour.

Check it out if you're the podcasting type:

If you listen and like it, find it in iTunes using the link above, rate it and post a comment.