Code Search Survey for Doctoral Thesis

Rosalva Eulogia Gallardo is a PhD student in the Department of Informatics in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science @ UCI. One of the areas of Rosalva's research interests is Code search and retrieval on the Web and how developers use it.

"Developers are typically searching for code to reuse as-is on a project or as a reference example. This phenomenon has emerged due to the increasing availability and quality of open source and resources on the web. Solutions to this problem will involve more than the simple application of information retrieval techniques or a scaling-up of tools for code search. Instead, new, purpose-built solutions are needed that draw on results from these areas, as well as program comprehension and software reuse."

If you are a software developer, please fill out this code search survey to contribute in Rosalva's research.  She can be reached at rgallard at uci dot edu for any questions.