Notes from LaTeX / LyX 101 –A Hands-on BYOL Workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Summer Dissertation Conference @ SCIS NSU and presenting the LaTeX / LyX 101 – A Hands-on BYOL Workshop  (Rm. 3032/3034) on day 2. I would like to thank the attendees who participated in the workshop; Hopefully I was able to transfer some of my enthusiasm about LaTeX to you during the session :).

Special thanks to Dr. Seagull for arranging this event, Dr. Sun for attending the workshop and my advisor Dr. Li for his support.

As promised, here are the links to TalkNotesLaTeX101 tutorial by John Gardner and Alex Yu a, helloworld.tex and nsu.bib used during the demo. Other links from the workshop follows.

LaTeX Learning Curve Graphic - Courtesy Marko Pinteric


My earlier post on Dissertation 2.0 and LaTeX and a Strategy for Overcoming the Learning Curve are relevant readings.

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