WCF vs. ASP.NET Web API – An Architect’s Primer - Speaking to Southern California .NET Architecture Users Group

I will be speaking to the next Southern California .NET Architecture Users Group - IASA chapter meeting will be Thursday February 21, 2013 at Rancho Santiago Community College District, 2323 N. Broadway, Santa Ana.

Meeting starts at 7:00 pm, pizza and networking 6:30 pm. Abstract follows.

WCF vs. ASP.NET Web API – An Architect’s Primer

ASP.NET Web API is a framework that makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. The new ASP.NET Web API is a continuation of the previous WCF Web API projection. WCF was originally created to enable SOAP-based services and other related bindings. However, for simpler RESTful or RPCish services (think clients like jQuery) ASP.NET Web API is a good choice.

In this meeting we discuss what do you need to understand as an architect to implement your service oriented architecture using WCF or ASP.NET web API. With code samples, we will elaborate on WCF Web API’s transition to ASP.NET Web API and respective constructs such as Service vs. Web API controller, Operation vs. Action, URI templates vs ASP.NET Routing, Message handlers, Formatters and Operation handlers vs Filters, model binders. WebApi offers support for modern HTTP programming model with full support for ASP.NET Routing, content negotiation and custom formatters, model binding and validation, filters, query composition, is easy to unit test and offers improved Inversion of Control (IoC) via DependencyResolver.

You will walk away with a sample set of services that run on Silverlight, Windows Forms, WPF, Windows Phone and ASP.NET.


Downloads: Slides and Source