On Entropy Depletion & Related Links

I had to dig these up in the context of a conversation around the (in)security of currency regimes such as BitCoin where presumed ownership of currency is built solely upon asymmetric cryptography. You may find some of these links to be of interest as well.

Textbook RSA is insecure
   and other interesting observations...


Hardware Security for FPGAs using Cryptography
   contains a great overview of different kinds of sideband attacks on cryptography
Acoustic cryptanalysis: on nosy people and noisy machines
   seeing through The Matrix isn't really that hard if you know how to look at it
Disk encryption may not be secure enough 
   ye olde standard cold boot attack
On Entropy Depletion
   Running out of randomness can hurt, bigtime.
Researchers Crack RSA Encryption Via Power Supply
   Invasive sideband attack.  
Blue Pill - Machine Virtualization for Fun, Profit, and Security
   Virtualization attacks.  Epic turtles.  
via David Lazar.