Hiked Mt. Wilson (5,710 ft) and Got Rescued by Helicopter

On Saturday 10th Sep, I along with a friend Antony hiked Mt. Wilson  (5,710 ft (1,742 m)) . On the way back from a 20 mile trail completely exhausted, we got lost and ended up on a landslide dead end. After about two hours of wandering around searching for way down and it got dark, we had to signal (flashlight) and call for help. Altadena county Sheriff and Mountain rescue team tried to get us across the landslide but it didn't work so they had to bring a Los Angles County Fire Department helicopter (N15LA) to rescue us. It did a one touchdown operation and took us out; pretty scary to get into "the bird" as cops and mountain rescue puts it. Thank you cards are on their way for Altadena Station and Altadena Search and Rescue, they really helped us out. Rescue wasn't really a photo opputunity but you can see the cops flashlights in Mount_Wilson_Hike 111.jpg, wish can video tape the event.


So for those who want to hike Mt. Wilson through Eaton Canyon, stay away from Mt. Wilson Toll Road / Horse Trail Loop.