Upcoming Events

10.08.2005 San Diego Fall 2005 Technical Summit: Its a prime so-cal event in Carlsbad; with topics like “Developing Rich Web Applications with ASP.NET "Atlas", “Practical Best Practices for migrating an ASP.Net 1.x application to ASP.Net 2.0“, “Design Patterns in .Net“, “Test-Driven Development in .NET“ and “Introduction to Windows Communication Framework (Indigo)“, its definitely a must attend for socal .NET devs.

11.07.2005 - 11.11.2005 - DevConnections - I'll be at ASP.NET Connections/VS.NET Connections with Jeremy Cunningham, a fellow co-worker and gifted software architect, from 7-10 Nov in Las Vegas, NV. We'll also be attending the post conference session on C# 2.0 and VS.NET 2005 on Friday. Since I've missed PDC, I'm very much looking forward to this event.