DevConnections Day 3


Learning at devConnections, or any high-paced-hi-tech-content-packed technical conferences for that matter, is different from conventional educational process. The contents covered in the sessions are of broader nature and requires deep understanding and discussion before fully “digested” by mind. Due to time crunch, it’s obviously not possible to have one day workshop on any or all of these topics however speakers are capable enough to elaborate and share the insights for much longer than that. Therefore, what I believe has learned from devConnections, is the vision of future development direction along with understood of toolset. I’m being made equipped with the comprehension of next generation toolset and solutions available at my disposal. I’d have to do studies, research, follow-ups on my own to master the tool and techniques discussed in the sessions here but the fundamental path is laid out for me and this I believe is the core achievement of this conference.


When it came to select the sessions, Wednesday was not an easy day. There were several very interesting classes running simultaneously and attendees had the difficult task to choose just the most pertinent one (all of them were pertinent, trust me!). I attended the following [will expand this stub with details on every session] and will drool on the slides from others.

  • Migrating from Web Services to Service oriented architecture by Dan Wahlin

  • SQL Server Reporting Services for developers by Paul Litwin

  • Best Practice Approaches to .NET 2.0 Localization architecture Michele Leroux Bustamante

  • Tracing and Profiling in VS.NET 2005 by Kathleen Dollard

  • Building Applications, Next Generation, MSBuild by Don Kiely

  • Scripts Callbacks by Dino Esposito  

(More Pictures to come)


And yes, Vinod won the Harley, you lucky guy!