DevConnections Day 4 - Closing Q&A session

Q&A  Session was pretty Paul summarized it “at the closing session we answered questions from the audience and gave away two DVD players, 3 IPod Nanos, 3 conference passes, two XBox 360s, and a few other things I can't recall.“

Following are the topics covered in Q&A. I'll post the answers soon.

  • Is Visual Studio Team System avaialble for other platforms.

  • Does Oracle connection performance issues with .NET connectivity still exist in 2005?

  • What are some of the resources for a developer who works extensively with Geographical applications?

  • Presentation slides avaialbility on the website

  • Migration from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 - DTS etc

  • Is MSDN universal still a universal subscription?

  • Is there any pottenial breaking chance for frameworks side by side execution?

  • How long would it take for voice enabled applications to really start working?

  • What would I gain by just moving my .NET 1.x apps to 2.0 (runtime, no coding changes, no recompilations)?

  • When is the next version of enterprise library due to come out?

  • Can we build a 1.x application in VS.NET 2005

  • What is modified in Enterprise services in VS.NET 2005?

Attendee asking question; Can see Bernard Wong, Paul Litwin, Kathleen Dollard, Julie Lerman, Dino Esposito, Carl Franklin and Juval Lowy on stage. Now this is an expert panel!

An attendee asking question.

Paul Litwin doing the draw.


There was an interesting question with over 10 different answers:

What is the blockbuster feature of VS.NET 2005?

Answers from the panels were

  • MasterPages

  • SQL Query Notification services

  • Class design

  • System.Transaction

  • System.Notification

  • Generics

and I lost the count....