TOP 5 Reasons why DevConnections was a raving success

 Did DevConnections conference provide value for time and money companies or individuals paid? The answer is yes and here is why.

Marvellous Learning Experience: Right from the source it was. The conference had a fine selection of speakers; Microsoft speakers, other independent Microsoft technology gurus, authors and professional developers. These speakers delivered well in the short session times, provided insight to the product so developers can explore it further with the provided guidelines in order to learn. With the wide variety of tracks and sessions, there was no developer left behind. I mean, how can you resist learning resources like Dino Esposito, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Juval Lowy, Julie Lerman, Kathleen Dollard and Scott Guthrie?

Peer Networking: Got a chance to meet excellent development crew from all across the nation;likes of Brandon Satrom. Got a chance to talk to them about best practices, new technology and enterprise approaches. There is no substitute for this kind of interaction.

Future Direction of Technology: Development arena is changing for good and you don't want to be left behind. DevConnections provided Microsoft's vision for future, where technology is heading towards, what approaches to follow, how to migrate, interop and create future proof applications. So next time someone talks about future apps which will be around for next 5 yrs, I'd have informed input on that.

Software: Like Paul said “ I just heard from a reliable source that we were the only event that was able to give away Visual Studio 2005 Professional to attendees (rather than the Standard Edition that is being given out at the Launch events). “. It was an unbelieveable giveaway.

Post and pre-conference sessions:  Let's face it, conference sessions were time crunched. However fast Michele Leroux Bustamante would speaks, there was no way she could get it all across within an hour and fifteen minutes. Therefore, pre and post conference sessions were arranged which specialized in the most pertaining topics to satiate this thirst of knowledge.

and I'm sure you have your own list of reasons and notes to explain it to your manager. Make sure you share it with the fellow developers who weren't here so they can appreciate the technology better and attend Orlando event in April.

and then of course there was nice food, starbucks, wifi, great deals on books, goodies and prizes.

GrandView at Las Vegas has a beautiful view from 12th floor...I can see the entire city and...wait, there are two pools, and two spas and a fitness room and a game room...I'm out.