Some interesting .NET interview "Answers"

I recently came across some real amusing/humorous/sad (depending on your context) answers from a candidate; please don't try these in your interview as it's quite difficult for interviewer to bite the tongue and try not to laugh.

What is the difference between HTTP GET, POST and SOAP protocols?
Answer:When you visit a web page, it's GET. When you click the button to post data, its POST. If you stay on the page long enough, its SOAP.

What is the difference b/w Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect?
Answer: Server.Transfer is for moving forward to the next page and Response.Redirect is for moving back to the original page.

What is the difference between int and Integer (same question was repeated for string and String to id the understanding of value type/reference type/primitive types)?
Answer:  int can only have 32 bit int values while Integer can hold float, double and everything else too.

what is Globalization/Localization in Microsoft Framework perspective for building multi-cultural applications? 
Answer: If u declare a variable locally, it's localization. If you declare it globally, its globalization.

What is public key token attribute of an assembly?
Answer:It's the version of the assembly.

Ok, then what is version attribute of an assembly?
Answer:It's the REAL version of an assembly.

What is GAC and what problem does it solve. Compare and contrast it with System32 and DLL hell problem?
Answer: GAC..hmmm..I've read it somewhere...



One thought on “Some interesting .NET interview "Answers"

  1. brilliant stuff! really hard not to crack up laughing in my cubicle, just reading these.

    globalization/localization is probably my favourite -- because if you didn't know better, you might believe that it was the right answer. You can imagine the candidate walked away from the question thinking "Yes! I totally nailed that one!"

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