Frequently asked Questions about my screens

This post is definitely going under the narcissism category.

Normally when people enter AdnanoTopia (it's in reference to Dilbertopia, Dilbert's cube), their first question is usually, "why on earth do you need three monitors"?


I casually reply that It's because I'm so cool. They'd insist on knowing it "No Seriously?, why? Ok fine, I'll disclose the secret.

  • My primary monitor is laptop's screen.
  • The CRT monitor is used for reading Sharpreader/Outlook/SQL Query Analyzer without losing the IDE focus and where I'm in code.
  • The vertically aligned LCD is for my MSDN lab machine. It has the virtual PC running all kinds of things. Yes, I do remote into it but at the same time it's much easier and faster to start ubuntu or Vista right from the original console.

Now for the cubicle's picture, hopefully this won't happen to me.

Does increasing available screen space increases productivity? Not necessarily but it helps multitasking a lot. I've got a similar setup and home as well. The gateway LCD TV  / Monitor; gives a false satisfaction perspective of doing too much.


Now if I can only plug-in an XBOX 360 to it...


One thought on “Frequently asked Questions about my screens

  1. ah! I remember why i was visiting your blog in the first place (i got lost meanwhile reading your great content)

    i stumbled across a comment you wrote here:

    about "", which i codeelop. Thanks for taking an interest!

    First i want to tell you that there's a new version out -- targeted at cool uber-geeks like you who use multiple monitors (goto to download it of course!)

    Now, in your comment you said:
    "Timesnapper seems like a solution to my dreaded time sheet task; intelligent idea. Trying it out now. But can it write it down these details for me too, you know, via OCR and such, doing an intelligent analysis of my screen and determining what I'm doing (reading news, blogs or actually working?)please 🙂

    I wonder what are the privacy concerns. Screenshot of confidential info (customer info etc) in your machine. Privacy police won't be so happy."

    Regarding OCR: this feature is in the pipeline, but you won't see it for quite a while. It could be done via screen scraping instead.

    Regarding Privacy concerns: well the info is kept locally on the same machine as where the (potentially confidential) information would have been viewed. Also there is an upcoming "privacy filter" which will stop timeSnapper from taking images of any program you specify (say you don't want it to snapshot your usage of internet explorer, or certain word documents).

    There are other features coming too based on user feedback that will make it much more intelligent and really start easing the burden of writing the dreaded timesheet.

    Yeh -- enough about me. I hope you're having a good year so far.
    kind regards


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