Software People - Why Good Developers are so important.

While reading David West’s Object Thinking, I came across some valuable quotes elaborating on “People’s Issue” from Robert Glass’s “Facts and Fallacies of software Engineering”.


  • The most important factor in software work is not the tools and the techniques used by the programmers, but the quality of the programmers themselves.

  • The best programmers are up to 28 times better than the worst programmers.  Since their pay is never commensurate, they are the best bargains in the software field.

  • Nearly everyone agrees, at a superficial level, that people trump tools, techniques, and process. And yet we keep behaving as if it were not true. Perhaps it's because people are a harder problem to address than tools, techniques, and process.

  • We in the software field, all of us technologists at heart, would prefer to invent new technologies to make our jobs easier. Even if we know, deep down inside, that the people issue is a more important one to work.

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