Rose Parade 2006 - "It's Magical " - The spirit is there!

Just drove back from Colorado St; despite of pouring rain and bone chilling cold, spectators are hanging in there. Not even as half as last year but so isn't the weather. For those who don't know "The Tournament of Roses Parade is the 116-year-old traditional parade generally held on New Year's Day in Pasadena, California, eight miles north of downtown Los Angeles." (Src. wikipedia)

And it's amazing how up to date and pertinent wikipedia is about the rose parade date issue.

"This convention allows for religious observance, but was originally instituted because the Parade's many equine participants would not tolerate the pealing of the church bells along the route. The Tournament of Roses Association Web site has an alternate equine explanation. It says the "Never on Sunday" policy was instituted in 1893 "to avoid frightening horses tethered outside local churches and thus interfering with worship services." In 2006, the parade will be held on January 2."

Some pictures from the high spirited. Will be gearing up and walking down there in 4 hours. Gotta go and get some sleep.

Rose_Parade_2006_Rain (1).jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain (2).jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain (8).jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain (6).jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain (9).jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain (7).jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain (3).jpg

Tournament of Roses

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