Rose Parade 2006 - It's Magical (read freezing)

The Tournament of Roses Parade is over now. It was 55°F outside, heavy rain and chilling wind SE at 20 mph and I've just come back from the 117th Rose parade "It's Magical". It was awesome! kudos to all the participants and spectators who performed, stood and cheered as the parade continued it's journey. My camera was wrapped in a plastic bag which got foggy and pictures turned out to be pretty blurred but in reality, floats were very well built and rain didn't do much damage if any. However, band were freezing and so the horses. was feeling sorry for the dressed to kill performers who tried to do their best.

I've uploaded my set of blurry rose parade pictures here and I also think I've got hypothermia ðŸ™‚

Rose_Parade_2006_Rain 170.jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain 053.jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain 090.jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain 130.jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain 033.jpgRose_Parade_2006_Rain 016.jpg

Tournament of Roses