Crossroads - Paul Graham on the The Future of Programming

This morning I recieved ACM Crossroads magazine and found Paul Graham's interview on "The
Future of Programming". While answering a question about future
programming disciplines, Paul said

don’t think Microsoft realizes the danger they’re in. They’re worrying about
Google. And they should. But they should worry even more about thousands of
twenty year old hackers writing Ajax
applications. Desktop software is going to become increasingly irrelevant."

In my personal opinion, he has spoken too soon. Microsoft has immensely
contributed in web development and has increasingly become agile to industry
needs. Comparing Ruby on Rails with ASP.NET would be a futile exercise. There
is inertia but the power of innovation will catch on. If you've seen LINQ,
DLINQ and XAML floating around, you'd know what I mean.

also has Nova GSCIS ad on page 5.