Waterfall 2006

I’m sure I’m the last one to hear about it, but if
you are an agile or XP methodology fan or at least have some pet peeves about traditional
act-of-congress methodologies, Waterfall
is a must see conference website.

With session titles like “Put Testing Where It Belongs--At the End”, “The Joy of Silence: Cube Farm Designs That Cut Out Conversation” and “Unfactoring from Patterns: Job Security through Unreadability”, this is a must attend conference for software developers and architects, not.

The registration page is riot, as it states: 

“We're sorry but registration is not yet ready. Our
software developers have a really wonderful design. They're almost done
entering it into it a UML tool. They've told us not to worry and that finishing
it will be "trivial" because "all that's left is the coding."

Credit goes to Richard
for the mention, go agile!