More Interesting Challenges in Spam and OCR

I’d never know who actually take their stock purchase advise from email messages which start with bunch of garbled text and inform you of insider information about price sky rocketing next week. Regardless of its financial significance or lack of it, this has increased the job for anti-spam tools since now it’s not about text anymore. In order to make it difficult for OCR and CAPTCHA breakers, the text is also made difficult to read as shown in the examples below I regularly receive in my gmail.

There has been several discussions about CAPTCHA's effectiveness over the years. Jay Allen has spoken, have yet to see what Paul Graham has to say about it. Breaking a Visual CAPTCHA: High Level Description describes the underlying mechanics. The bigger question is, are these methodologies efficient or just band-aids to the existing tricks which will only work till spammers find a new way around it. I think I'd agree with author of On Intelligence on this matter when he suggested that our approach to AI is inherently wrong. How do a person sees an image or an email and know that it's unsolicited commercial email, cerebral cortex? lets map it. Possibly the problem of the century but we would have it sort out, sooner than later.

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