Going Down Code Camp!

So tomorrow I’ll be at Cal-State Fullerton enjoying the rock and roll code camp with friends and colleagues. With a multitude
of sessions ranging from distributed computing to career development, this
event is a perfect place for technology professionals working in different
tiers of organization. I’d highly recommend attending both days. The schedule of
sessions can be found here.

This morning at the Vista
Launch event in Los Angeles Convention Center
, I met Gerald Walsh in the
hall way. Gerald is a Microsoft MVP and has spoken to our user group last year when he was working
with Microsoft. He’ll be presenting advanced ASP.NET session in the code camp on
Sunday which is rated as the most favorite session on the code camp’s website. I’m
definitely looking forward to attend it. Also, hopefully I’d be able to get
some good speakers signed up for San Gabriel Valley .NET user
meetings this year.

Happy Coding!