13th June - Speaking at Santa Barbara .NET User Group

I’ll be speaking at Santa
.NET Users Group on June 13th
at 6pm. The topic of my presentation is Windows Communication Foundation. Further
details of the meeting can be found here.


Presentation Abstract

Windows Communication Foundation is Microsoft's Unified Programming Model
which allows us to build secure, reliable, transacted, and interoperable
distributed applications. WCF integrates the distributed computing paradigms
such as ASP.NET Web Services, .NET remoting, and Enterprise Services and
provides a unified model for connected system development

This session on WCF will cover the basics of WCF Architecture, the concept
of messaging end points and the supported communication protocols. After a
brief review of existing connected systems technologies such as asmx and remoting,
we will talk about channels, messages, data and operation contracts, bindings,
service hosting techniques and communication security offered by WCF. The
intent of this presentation is to provide hands on technical overview of WCF,
showing audience how they can build their very own WCF services and client
application from scratch. Time permitting, audience will be able to participate
in intermediate topics such as ASMX to WCF migration strategies, best
practices, service oriented architecture and web service factory WCF support.