Links Extravaganza - KDD, Data Mining, Video Lectures etc

Machine Learning Course
Machine Learning Video Lectures Compiled in Course Form.

Statistical Aspects of Data Mining
Video Lectures on Statistical Aspects of KDD and DM.

Undocumented Fusion
One of the most interesting undocumented jewel.

The TETRAD Project:
Causal Models and Statistical Data

19 Eponymous Laws Of Software Development
Interesting compilation by Phil Haack

Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures
I'm planning to take CEH Certification this fall as soon as I'm done with my MCPD

Sql Server Locking and the ADO.Net SqlDataReader
This is a issue we recently encountered; Jeff did a great job explaining it.

Video Lectures
Excellent Video Lectures on Computer Science and Related Topics

MIT OCW - Introduction to Algorithms
MIT open courseware course

MIT Math Lectures (Differential Equations, Linear Algebra et al)

Lectures Online
Math Lectures

The National Security Archive (George Washington University)
Interesting docs archive.

CCSU data Mining Program and Resources
Central Connecticut University Offering MS in Data Mining