Review for UCertify M70-526 C# Exam. TS Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 Windows based Client Development.

With the rapidly changing horizon of upcoming tools and
technologies, technical certification is an organized way of studying and
keeping oneself up-to-date with the latest and greatest features which software
frameworks have to offer.  Even though
hands on experience is an absolute necessity, usually when using a particular
framework in everyday job, a developer only gets exposed to a smaller set of
features pertaining to the task at hand. On the contrary, certification study
provides a breadth first approach to the general underlying framework, its
mechanics and features. Since it covers a much broader area, studying for a
certification exam becomes a daunting task; luckily not for those equipped with
tools such as uCertify’s certification study products which allow you to focus
your study in the key areas and provide you with instant feedback and help
during the preparation process.

uCertify’s 70-526 – C# Exam. TS Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0
Windows based client preparation tool assists you to get ready for the test in
a well organized and effective way. It consists of three practice tests with 35
well diversified questions, flash cards, adaptive tests, a detailed study notes
section and final exam with 40 questions. This product lets you evaluate your
readiness level, provides you a test history to ensure the progress and also
allow you to create a custom test, based on the areas you find yourself not so
strong. The product is customizable and allow you to create your own entries
for test preparation but I believe the sections such as How To’s  could have been expanded and made more
effective.  A test can be conducted in
both “test” and “learning mode”; detailed explanation and references are
provided in the later mode for follow up and understanding. The preparation
engine is also equipped with features such as bookmarking, tagging and rating
the questions.

Having taken the
tests in the classical way, by using Microsoft courses, MSDN and books for prep, I find
uCertify’s product quite relevant and helpful. Looking back if I’d have to prepare for
the future exams, I’d use this tool in association with recommended text to
help gauge the learning.

For details and trial downloads, please visit UCertify's website.


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