My Sessions @ Upcoming SoCal Code Camp in San Diego - 28, 29th. June

Southern California Rock & Roll Code Camp is being held on June 28th and 29th at University California San Diego Extension. I'll be presenting following three sessions at the code camp.

  • Aspect Oriented Programming in .NET, an Introduction with ASPECT.NET

    Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) deals with factorization in code i.e.
    separation of common concerns, specifically cross-cutting concerns, as
    an advance in modularization. AOSD has been a popular trend in
    development for quite some time in other programming environments and
    IDE’s however it’s scope and exposure is limited among .NET developers.
    This session is focused on getting developers a deeper understanding of
    what AOP is all about and how to use it in their everyday development.
    Aspect.NET is the framework used for this presentation.

  • Collaborative Filtering 101 – An Introduction with SQL Server 2008 BI

    "We have recommendations for you!". How do movies, social networking,
    books and e-commerce websites make recommendations? What algorithms and
    techniques are used behind the scenes?. In this session we will discuss
    collaborative filtering. Collaborative Filtering (CF) is defined as
    profiling or classification of information based on specific entity
    relationships i.e. making automatic predictions (filtering) about the
    interests of a user by collecting likelihood information from many
    users (collaborating). The underlying assumption of CF approach is that
    those who agreed in the past tend to agree again in the future. For
    example, a collaborative filtering or recommendation system for music
    tastes could make predictions about which music a user should like
    given a partial list of that user's tastes (likes or dislikes).

  • Using ASP.NET MVC to build a blogging engine in 60 minutes or less.

    MVC is a framework methodology that divides an application's
    implementation into three component roles: models, views, and
    controllers. ASP.NET now has built-in support for MVC style development
    and this session is an introduction to using this technique for
    building a sample application, a blogging engine. This session will
    elaborate on differences between traditional ASP.NET post-back style
    development versus the routes and REST architecture based thinking
    around MVC.

Hope to see you there.