Speaking at IASA Conference - Architecture Connections Sessions

I'll be speaking to IASA connections conference in San Francisco on Aspect Oriented Programming in Distributed Systems.

Following are further details.

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October 6 - 8, 2008

San Francisco Marriott
San Francisco, CA

IASA02: Service
Aspects—Aspect Orientated Designs in Distributed Enterprise Architecture

Adnan Masood
Aspect Oriented Programming and Aspect-Oriented software development (AOSD)
support the software development paradigm which leverages separation of concerns,
especially cross-cutting concerns as a next step to modularization. Separation
of concerns can be defined as breaking down a program into distinct parts that
overlap in functionality as little as possible. The similar concerns are
factored and defined as aspects which are separated out from the main logic
making the implementation more maintainable. In this session we approach the
service orientation as an aspect of a distributed system. Using attribute
oriented design for aspect implementation, this presentation focuses on merits
of exposing service end points from business objects by using AOP practices.
The attendees will: gather the understanding of AOP, a fast growing research
and development area in modern software development; understand the state of
affairs of AOP in the current IDE’s and programming languages especially with
Spring, AspectJ and Aspect.NET; explore the rationale of aspect-based nature of
services and deep dive into the open source ServiceAspect CodePlex project for
a sample implementation. This session’s focus is the architecture and design
practices that AOSD brings to the enterprise architecture. Best practices and
design patterns followed in AOP will be discussed with a demo of Aspect.NET and
ServiceAspect, which is used to publish business objects as WCF services using

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