Data Mining Reading Group - A Research Paper a Week, Keep the Dementia Away

As a new year resolution for 2009, on Jeff's pursuance, we have started a Data Mining Reading Group here in Monrovia with friends where we review a research paper every week from a peer reviewed journal. The papers studied pertains to KDD, Machine Learning and Data Mining areas. So far we have covered four papers including Page Rank, Netflix Collaborative Filtering, Map Reduce and Data Mining top 10 Algorithms.

The blog for the data mining reading group can be found here where you can see the links to the papers. Further details and possible meeting proceedings will be added to the blog as it progresses. Comments and paper ideas welcome.

If you live in Pasadena / Monrovia Area, have interest in Data Mining / Machine Learning  / KDD and would like to join the group, feel free to drop me a line.