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  1. Once installed, you can size, crop, and change the format of images from anywhere… HTML, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, Flex, or Flash … Just add the desired behavior to the URL with “?width=100″ or “?format=jpg”. It supports scaling, cropping, rotating, flipping, stretching, padding, borders, transparency, jpeg, png, and gif formats. Aspect ratio is always maintained unless &stretch=fill is specified.

  2. I developed this image resizing system around two years ago. I needed something very intuitive, simple, secure, and efficient. We’ve been using this system heavily on a live, high-traffic site (youngfoundations.org) for two years, and we have had zero stability problems, memory leaks, or reliability issues with it. It’s very mature and stable. Version 2.0 is even faster and more scalable than the previous versions, and includes dozens of new features.

  3. For example, you request an ASP.NET page from a web server. Once the page is processed on the server and returned to you that same server does not remember the page anymore. Even a slight page postback initiates the same request sequence and the web server performs the same task again as if it never saw this page in the first place. This is the grand difference between web applications and their desktop counterparts. On the desktop you can maintain state between requests. On the web it’s a much harder task.

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